At the beginning of this year, Landscape photographer B. Klormann wanted to show me what a beautiful Country Georgia is. I took a lot of pictures there and want you to show almost all of them. And of course i will tell you the stories behind this photos.

Our Tour through Kakheti started in the early morning at Tiblisi Airport where we picked up our car.

During sunrise, we almost reached the Jandara Reservoir.

Unfortunately, there were many many dogs who watched over the fields. On the photo below you can see the track of a Dog in a field, he must have walked a long distance already in the early morning. The Jandara Reservoir is very close to Azerbaijan so maybe the Dog came from there.

Later that day we arrived at the old monastery David Gareja. There are still living some monks. The rocks in this area are terrific with amazing colors.

So far we didn’t eat something that day. And i really needed a coffee. But there was really nothing that is close to the monastery.

Driving down from David Gareja we reached a small town called Udabno where we stopped at the oasis club where i got a tasteful cup of black tea. It is a really nice place to stop and have a break.

After a long flight and some hours of driving through the desert we finally reached Signaghi where we stayed for the night at the Nato & Lado Guest House. My boyfriend already knew this place from his last trip and the host made a special dinner for us as it was Benjamins birthday.

I fell a little bit in love with Signaghi, such a beautiful city.

The next day we went to Vashlovani. Georgia has a big problem with waste. You can see it everywhere along the roads, in the fields and even in the desert. I hope this will change in the future.

On the way to the Vashlovani Park we also met this guy on the carriage.

Map of the Vashlovani Park

One way drive was about 50km. That is why we actually planned to stay for the night in the vashlovani visiting center. The Park must be very nice in summer time, the locals told us. What was more interesting for us, they have oil rigs in this region as well.

In the late afternoon we reached the Takhti-Tepa Mud Vulcanoes and we were the only people there. Not only the mud volcanoes were fascinating we also had an amazing view from there.


In these days i saw a lot of shepherds. And i kind of like them. The seem to be very peaceful people, walking long distances day by day.

We tried to return before the sun would be down to the visitors center. As we arrived there, we realized that no restaurant has open and the little market there had no fresh food. This is why we canceled our room and drove back to Lado & Nato in Signaghi. We called them at 20.30 that we will come back.

As we were back at Nato & Lado Guesthouse and wanted to go to sleep, we realized that there were fireworks outside. It was an inofficial  holiday – orthodox new Year. So we could celebrate the new Year for the second time.

The next Day we woke up hearing someone knocking on the door. It was the Family who leaved and invited us to celebrate with them in the evening. Unfortunately we didn’t had enough time to stop between Signaghi and Telavi. But it is for sure not the last time we visited Georgia 😉

After waking up and strolling through Signaghi we went to the San Nino font. As it was an orthodox holiday, we were not the only ones. But it still was a very peaceful place.

In Telavi we visited the Bazar. I just love this churchkhelas.

Next Stop was the Alavaredi Church / Monastery. As a woman you can not walk in there with pants. There is a Lady who will give you a skirt to wrap around and you have to wear a headscarf as well.

On this day we drove over the Gombori Pass to reach Tiblisi, there was still a lot of snow. We also visited some other churches or monasteries. But as i am interested in the people living there, we just stopped as we saw a small soccer area in the middle of nowhere and some boys playing in there. Not all of them had shoes.

And finally we reached Tiblisi.

And then we had to say goodbye!

Tiflis from Anja Wurm on Vimeo.

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